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Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 25 Mar 09.
Time since start of Epoch: 5454.14 days; 0.01 hits per day.

Total number of different visitors: 44 visitor(s)
    which is 1.32 pages per visitor on average.

Rank Visitor Number of Visits »
1llf531251 .crawl .yahoo .net»6 (10.34%)Filter
2nat-26 .ghnet .pl»3 (5.17%)Filter
3pool-96-229-150-125 .lsanca .fios .verizon .net»2 (3.45%)Filter
4adsl-ull-228-143 .47-151 .net24 .it»2 (3.45%)Filter
5121 .77 .202 .62 .cust .bluewin .ch»2 (3.45%)Filter
6mail .cpclugano .ch»2 (3.45%)Filter
7BSN-250-209-98 .dial-up .dsl .siol .net»2 (3.45%)Filter
8195 .65 .184 .232»2 (3.45%)Filter
9msnbot-65-55-105-85 .search .msn .com»2 (3.45%)Filter
10host16-156-dynamic .5-87-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
11pool-71-108-201-5 .lsanca .dsl-w .verizon .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
12bl7-187-12 .dsl .telepac .pt»1 (1.72%)Filter
13host233-82-dynamic .16-87-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
14crawl-66-249-65-194 .googlebot .com»1 (1.72%)Filter
1541 .86 .broadband12 .iol .cz»1 (1.72%)Filter
16llf320047 .crawl .yahoo .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
17host52-18-static .22-87-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
18115 .127 .7 .194»1 (1.72%)Filter
19msnbot-65-55-105-96 .search .msn .com»1 (1.72%)Filter
20host92-22-dynamic .9-87-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
21host12-187-static .224-95-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
2283 .225 .18 .133»1 (1.72%)Filter
23host110-142-dynamic .0-87-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
24net-93-147-9-183 .t2 .dsl .vodafone .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
25msnbot-65-55-105-82 .search .msn .com»1 (1.72%)Filter
26151 .61 .45 .164»1 (1.72%)Filter
2788-149-227-152 .dynamic .ngi .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
28208 .99 .221 .68»1 (1.72%)Filter
2993-34-63-206 .ip48 .fastwebnet .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
30STATIC33 .iona .edu»1 (1.72%)Filter
31cable-89-216-237-136 .dynamic .sbb .rs»1 (1.72%)Filter
32adsl-75-57-120-180 .dsl .emhril .sbcglobal .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
33host91-197-dynamic .17-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
34ip34 .swiftrocketworld .com»1 (1.72%)Filter
35adsl-76-200-175-65 .dsl .pltn13 .sbcglobal .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
36max .cpsnet .cz»1 (1.72%)Filter
37ip-123-78 .static .adsl .cheapnet .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
38ns60180 .ovh .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
39crawl1 .nat .svl .searchme .com»1 (1.72%)Filter
4084 .236 .84-79 .rev .gaoland .net»1 (1.72%)Filter
41gw34 .vslesy .cz»1 (1.72%)Filter
42host168-65-dynamic .116-80-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.72%)Filter
43158 .102 .160 .243»1 (1.72%)Filter
44172 .31 .0 .14»1 (1.72%)Filter

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