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Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 16 Jan 21.
Time since start of Epoch: 1134.82 days; 1.36 hits per day.

Total number of different visitors: 47 visitor(s)
    which is 32.94 pages per visitor on average.

Rank Visitor Number of Visits »
15 .188 .48 .6»1469 (94.90%)Filter
2ec2-3-236-156-34 .compute-1 .amazonaws .com»16 (1.03%)Filter
3ip-54-36-148-111 .a .ahrefs .com»5 (0.32%)Filter
4ec2-54-208-73-179 .compute-1 .amazonaws .com»4 (0.26%)Filter
5crawl-66-249-64-200 .googlebot .com»3 (0.19%)Filter
6crawl-66-249-64-197 .googlebot .com»3 (0.19%)Filter
7msnbot-207-46-13-123 .search .msn .com»3 (0.19%)Filter
8ec2-3-239-236-140 .compute-1 .amazonaws .com»3 (0.19%)Filter
9crawl-prod-4 .babbar .eu»2 (0.13%)Filter
10139-28-238-151 .cust .ansluten .net»2 (0.13%)Filter
11msnbot-157-55-39-229 .search .msn .com»2 (0.13%)Filter
12ip-54-36-148-254 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
13175 .44 .42 .165»1 (0.06%)Filter
14ip-54-36-148-135 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
15193 .58 .239 .35 .bc .googleusercontent .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
16ip-54-36-148-221 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
17linux10 .mj12bot .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
18ns508289 .ip-167-114-64 .net»1 (0.06%)Filter
19ip-54-36-149-71 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
205-255-231-163 .spider .yandex .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
21petalbot-114-119-152-71 .aspiegel .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
2210 .129 .71 .34 .bc .googleusercontent .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
23vmi404148 .contaboserver .net»1 (0.06%)Filter
24ip-54-36-149-13 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
25msnbot-207-46-13-46 .search .msn .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
265-45-207-67 .spider .yandex .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
27ip-54-36-148-73 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
28pool-5-79-180-52 .is74 .ru»1 (0.06%)Filter
2974 .125 .248 .85»1 (0.06%)Filter
30151 .34 .219 .218»1 (0.06%)Filter
31ip-54-36-149-40 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
32linux01 .mj12bot .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
33rm13 .cache .google .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
34petalbot-114-119-141-100 .aspiegel .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
35ip-54-36-149-24 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
36216 .244 .66 .197»1 (0.06%)Filter
37crawl-66-249-64-198 .googlebot .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
3817-58-102-77 .applebot .apple .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
39petalbot-114-119-150-45 .aspiegel .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
40ip-54-36-149-41 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
41ip-54-36-148-141 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
423 .42 .229 .35 .bc .googleusercontent .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
43pool-176-226-169-165 .is74 .ru»1 (0.06%)Filter
44msnbot-157-55-39-77 .search .msn .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
45fulltextrobot-77-75-77-32 .seznam .cz»1 (0.06%)Filter
46ip-54-36-148-204 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (0.06%)Filter
47msnbot-207-46-13-122 .search .msn .com»1 (0.06%)Filter

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