How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.

Diode and resistor

We will now insert the diode, from the DCD pin of the serial port, to the voltage regulator, and the resistor from the cathode of the diode to the RTS pin.
[-] We must cut the diodes very short, because they have to be placed between the serial connector and the input pin of the voltage regulator:

Cut diodes

[-] The same with the resistors, depending also on the size of your particular component.

Cut resistors

[-] The diode have to be inserted in the pin number 7 of the serial connector and then soldered to the input pin of the voltage regulator.

The diode inserted (above picture)

[-] This picture shows even better where the diode has been inserted. The serial connector is upside down in this picture of course.

The diode inserted (front picture)

[-] The resistor have to go from the pin 1 of the connector to the same input pin on the regulator, soldered together with the diode.

Inserting the resistor

[-] Another view of the resistor together with the diode.

Inserting the resistot, slightly from above