How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.

Mounting it inside the box

We can finally proceed to insert the circuit inside the serial connector-box.
[-] We now have some "skeletons" of the circuit that have to be inserted in the serial box. Try to make the circuit as "thin" as possible to avoid problems when closing the box.

Some circuit skeleton ready to be inserted in the serial box

[-] Sometimes it's needed to play a bit with the pins gently bending them ti fit exactly inside the serial box. Check if the skeleton can stay inside the connector without problems. If you can't insert the circuit de-solder a pin somewhere: the circuit will gain flexibility and you will be able to change its shape. Then solder again and eventually repeat the process until you're satisfied.

We are going to insert the skeleton in the serial connector

[-] This is how the circuit should look when inserted in the serial box.

The circuit is inserted in the serial box

[-] After the skeleton is inside, we only have to close the serial box...

Some finished receivers and some work in progress

[-] ...and we will have those cool IR receivers ready to be tested!!!

The finished receivers in all their glory