How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.

Part list

This is the part list with pictures and description. Depending on where you live, the IR receiver and a honestly priced serial shell are sometimes hard to find.
[-] Sub-D 9-pin serial box; very standard component, avoid the metallized ones if you can:

Sub-D 9-pin serial box

[-] Sub-D 9-pin female connector:

Sub-D 9-pin female connector

[-] TSOP 1738 IR receiver: many other IR rceivers are avaiable on the market, althought not always easy to find. Check lirc receivers page for a full list; keep in mind that, according to the data sheets, this component is one of the best for its receiving angle. I've also tested it 30 meters far away!

TSOP 1738 IR receiver

[-] 4.7μF electrolitic capacitor: electrolic capacitors are polarized, so you have to connect the correct lead to ground; there are some non-polarized capacitors on the market and as long as they have 4.7μF capacitance they will be just fine, perhaps only a bit more expensive.

4.7μF electrolitic capacitor

[-] 5V 100mA TO-92 78L05 voltage regulator: You must check the data sheet of your own voltage regulator to be sure the in and out pins are in the same position of the one I've used.

5V 100mA TO-92 78L05 voltage regulator

[-] 4.7kOhm resistor: if you can buy a reduced power (and size) of the resistor, it will be easier to fit inside the serial connector.

4.7kOhm resistor

[-] 1N4148 universal diode:

1N4148 universal diode

[-] Little piece of wire:

Little piece of wire

[-] (Optional) Thermal tube (available in most electronics shops):

Thermal tube