How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.

[-] It's now time to configure your remote(s), that is, give a "name" to each button:

irrecord /etc/lircd.conf

The programm will ask you to press the buttons on you remote control, first in a random fashion and then one by one, asking each time the name of the button you're now configuring. If you have any problem in this step, for example you get a "Something went wrong" message, try to use the raw learning mode, starting irrecord with the "-f" option:

irrecord -f /etc/lircd.conf

You can repeat this step many times, for many remote controls. The name you give to each button is important, because the applications will later receive ths name as the even from the lirc daemon. Once the learning phase it's finished, you can test your configuration with "irw". You have first to restart lircd to let it read the new configuration file. After this, run "irw" and press the buttons on your remote: irw will show the *name* of each button when it's pressed.