PHPCounter VII

Countries List

Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 23 Feb 17.
Time since start of Epoch: 2678.88 days; 0.34 hits per day.

Total number of country TLDs: 17, to give a total of 32 hits with a recognised country-specific TLD.

TLD (Country) Number of Hits
Unknown ()820
com ()58
it (Italy)5
2600:1004:b028:3d38:a8ff:58da:6f3d:6b2e ()5
eu ()4
me ()3
2604:2d80:402c:813b:980c:fb66:287:3b44 ()2
de (Germany)2
2600:1004:b068:bfbe:fd24:ff0a:c9cc:2e87 ()2
net ()2
2604:2d80:402c:813b:3cf2:44d5:612a:d446 ()2
io (British Indian Ocean Territory)2
2604:2d80:402c:c1fa:e08c:8e82:50b7:6820 ()1
2604:2d80:402c:c1fa:60d5:d077:d8d:21d5 ()1
host ()1
2600:1004:b043:6df6:ddaa:c5c2:8ffd:9813 ()1
2600:1004:b011:96d0:2509:d816:ddfe:8fa0 ()1
The TLDs that are not counted as countries (because they do not point to a particular country) are: .com, .net, .org, .info, and others. Please see the IANA links below for more information.
The TLDs .mil, .edu, and .gov are counted as USA domains.
The TLD->Country database is derived from the list found at the IANA ccTLD List. The generic TLD database is derived from the IANA gTLD List.

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