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Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 29 May 09.
Time since start of Epoch: 5497.51 days; 0.02 hits per day.

Total number of different visitors: 53 visitor(s)
    which is 1.57 pages per visitor on average.

Rank Visitor Number of Visits »
1p5B2B7E92 .dip .t-dialin .net»8 (9.64%)Filter
2131 .203 .203 .2»6 (7.23%)Filter
30x5552877f .adsl .cybercity .dk»5 (6.02%)Filter
4f053042026 .adsl .alicedsl .de»5 (6.02%)Filter
5llf531133 .crawl .yahoo .net»4 (4.82%)Filter
6a-en5-16 .tin .it»3 (3.61%)Filter
7net-93-147-122-202 .t2 .dsl .vodafone .it»2 (2.41%)Filter
8lns-bzn-26-82-254-74-66 .adsl .proxad .net»2 (2.41%)Filter
9cac94-13-78-227-103-5 .fbx .proxad .net»2 (2.41%)Filter
10crawler5038 .ask .com»2 (2.41%)Filter
11ngc133 .univ-mulhouse .fr»2 (2.41%)Filter
12wg-zl-dpri .inext .cz»1 (1.20%)Filter
13msnbot-65-55-106-204 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
14host105-104-dynamic .5-87-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
15host152-138-155-90 .butovo .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
16msnbot-65-55-105-86 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
17msnbot-65-55-106-203 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
18msnbot-65-55-106-165 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
19113 .113 .28 .160»1 (1.20%)Filter
20msnbot-65-55-106-141 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
21host203-18-dynamic .56-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
22218 .207 .242 .2»1 (1.20%)Filter
23host169-140-dynamic .27-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
24msnbot-65-55-105-90 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
25ettema-online .nl»1 (1.20%)Filter
26HSI-KBW-082-212-040-201 .hsi .kabelbw .de»1 (1.20%)Filter
2793-35-247-178 .ip57 .fastwebnet .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
28host28-244-dynamic .52-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
29213 .3 .65 .160»1 (1.20%)Filter
30host-49-253 .comunique .hu»1 (1.20%)Filter
31host168-116-dynamic .233-95-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
3293-62-245-70 .ip25 .fastwebnet .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
33marsfield-guest-151 .atnf .csiro .au»1 (1.20%)Filter
34net-93-145-32-14 .t2 .dsl .vodafone .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
35s15268675 .onlinehome-server .info»1 (1.20%)Filter
36113-29-225-7 .rev .aptransit .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
37unknown»1 (1.20%)Filter
38msnbot-65-55-106-133 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
39193 .179 .215 .98»1 (1.20%)Filter
40proxy2 .haagnet .net»1 (1.20%)Filter
41h194n1fls32o883 .telia .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
42173-15-28-165-Illinois .hfc .comcastbusiness .net»1 (1.20%)Filter
43crawl-66-249-65-194 .googlebot .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
44edi20 .edi .lv»1 (1.20%)Filter
45msnbot-65-55-105-97 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
4678-56-14-139 .static .zebra .lt»1 (1.20%)Filter
4793-35-84-212 .ip54 .fastwebnet .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
48212 .125 .245 .2»1 (1.20%)Filter
49net-93-150-84-21 .t2 .dsl .vodafone .it»1 (1.20%)Filter
50msnbot-65-55-106-205 .search .msn .com»1 (1.20%)Filter
51195 .225 .227 .222»1 (1.20%)Filter
5289-212-7-200 .static .t-2 .net»1 (1.20%)Filter
53purnukka .pp .saunalahti .fi»1 (1.20%)Filter

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