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Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 10 Jan 11.
Time since start of Epoch: 4851.43 days; 0.03 hits per day.

Total number of different visitors: 50 visitor(s)
    which is 2.68 pages per visitor on average.

Rank Visitor Number of Visits »
1dsl-149-57-26 .hive .is»63 (47.01%)Filter
2crawl-66-249-66-85 .googlebot .com»7 (5.22%)Filter
378 .159 .217 .116»4 (2.99%)Filter
4sticker00 .yandex .ru»4 (2.99%)Filter
5b3090943 .crawl .yahoo .net»3 (2.24%)Filter
6ip-151-188-userpool .zeg .zelkanet .hu»3 (2.24%)Filter
7ool-457cf769 .dyn .optonline .net»2 (1.49%)Filter
885-18-116-162 .ip .fastwebnet .it»2 (1.49%)Filter
910 .239 .2 .6»2 (1.49%)Filter
10crawl-66-249-72-134 .googlebot .com»2 (1.49%)Filter
11dynamic-adsl-84-222-211-243 .clienti .tiscali .it»2 (1.49%)Filter
12fw-nat .route66 .ro»2 (1.49%)Filter
13151 .16 .222 .155»1 (0.75%)Filter
14host131-169-static .88-94-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
15194 .105 .9 .166»1 (0.75%)Filter
16host125-167-dynamic .17-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
17151 .61 .67 .157»1 (0.75%)Filter
18nat-2 .starnet .cz»1 (0.75%)Filter
19131 .175 .19 .31»1 (0.75%)Filter
20rrcs-98-101-209-129 .midsouth .biz .rr .com»1 (0.75%)Filter
21msnbot-207-46-194-71 .search .msn .com»1 (0.75%)Filter
2276 .77 .190 .24»1 (0.75%)Filter
23static-88 .131 .106 .1 .addr .tdc .se»1 (0.75%)Filter
2491-215-228-45 .rdns .sun-net .pl»1 (0.75%)Filter
25Phant0m .winlink .ru»1 (0.75%)Filter
26labinf-49 .polito .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
27msnbot-207-46-199-38 .search .msn .com»1 (0.75%)Filter
28host49-160-static .4-79-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
29host82-17-static .22-87-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
30net-93-150-176-68 .cust .dsl .teletu .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
31151 .72 .9 .67»1 (0.75%)Filter
32host185-210-dynamic .237-95-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
33188-195-223-16-dynip .superkabel .de»1 (0.75%)Filter
34host76-90-dynamic .60-82-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
35b-internet .92 .125 .235 .105 .snt .ru»1 (0.75%)Filter
3664-131-27-2 .usfamily .net»1 (0.75%)Filter
37net-93-66-133-211 .cust .dsl .vodafone .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
3894-74-248-78 .client .rionet .cz»1 (0.75%)Filter
39188-22-238-4 .adsl .highway .telekom .at»1 (0.75%)Filter
40ip-88-152-183-182 .unitymediagroup .de»1 (0.75%)Filter
4146-116-94-61 .bb .netvision .net .il»1 (0.75%)Filter
42net-2-36-12-71 .cust .dsl .vodafone .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
43b5101140 .yst .yahoo .net»1 (0.75%)Filter
44ip-85-93-168-194 .wscnet .cz»1 (0.75%)Filter
45host105-45-static .34-88-b .business .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
46host129-124-dynamic .1-79-r .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (0.75%)Filter
47msnbot-207-46-204-237 .search .msn .com»1 (0.75%)Filter
48spider54 .yandex .ru»1 (0.75%)Filter
49217 .169 .121 .9»1 (0.75%)Filter
50e178068167 .adsl .alicedsl .de»1 (0.75%)Filter

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