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Analysing log file for the Epoch that started on 06 Aug 20.
Time since start of Epoch: 1413.49 days; 0.06 hits per day.

Total number of different visitors: 58 visitor(s)
    which is 1.52 pages per visitor on average.

Rank Visitor Number of Visits »
1ip-54-36-148-75 .a .ahrefs .com»8 (9.09%)Filter
2crawl-66-249-79-171 .googlebot .com»8 (9.09%)Filter
3crawl-66-249-79-172 .googlebot .com»4 (4.55%)Filter
45-45-207-158 .spider .yandex .com»4 (4.55%)Filter
5ip226 .ip-144-217-171 .net»3 (3.41%)Filter
6crawl-66-249-79-174 .googlebot .com»3 (3.41%)Filter
7106 .201 .97 .221»3 (3.41%)Filter
8f1 .kazooisyee .ml»2 (2.27%)Filter
9ppp-19-183 .20-151 .wind .it»2 (2.27%)Filter
10crawl-66-249-79-162 .googlebot .com»2 (2.27%)Filter
1177 .238 .126 .15»2 (2.27%)Filter
12msnbot-40-77-167-161 .search .msn .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
13ip-54-36-148-10 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
14fetcher2-1 .go .mail .ru»1 (1.14%)Filter
15ip-54-36-148-191 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
16msnbot-157-55-39-236 .search .msn .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
17host-87-3-223-133 .retail .telecomitalia .it»1 (1.14%)Filter
18ip-54-36-148-161 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
19static .195 .158 .9 .5 .clients .your-server .de»1 (1.14%)Filter
20fetcher2-2 .go .mail .ru»1 (1.14%)Filter
2149 .7 .21 .144»1 (1.14%)Filter
22crawl32 .bl .semrush .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
23msnbot-40-77-167-41 .search .msn .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
24171 .118 .62 .229»1 (1.14%)Filter
25178-154-200-165 .spider .yandex .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
26ip-54-36-148-83 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
27148 .251 .36 .84»1 (1.14%)Filter
28ip-54-36-148-142 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
29ip-54-36-148-58 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
30fetcher2-3 .go .mail .ru»1 (1.14%)Filter
31ec2-18-204-55-168 .compute-1 .amazonaws .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
32fwdproxy-frc-018 .fbsv .net»1 (1.14%)Filter
33ns509537 .ip-192-99-4 .net»1 (1.14%)Filter
34ninja-crawler40 .webmeup .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
35173 .208 .157 .186»1 (1.14%)Filter
36ip-54-36-148-52 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
37crawl-66-249-65-212 .googlebot .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
38crawl25 .bl .semrush .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
39191 .31 .57 .134 .dynamic .adsl .gvt .net .br»1 (1.14%)Filter
40crawl-66-249-65-210 .googlebot .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
41fetcher2-7 .go .mail .ru»1 (1.14%)Filter
42ip-54-36-149-13 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
4384-222-202-138 .adsl-wholesale .clienti .tiscali .it»1 (1.14%)Filter
44crawl-66-249-65-208 .googlebot .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
45ip-54-36-148-225 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
46ip-54-36-148-234 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
47crawl33 .bl .semrush .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
48crawl13 .bl .semrush .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
4910 .179 .80 .164»1 (1.14%)Filter
50msnbot-40-77-167-2 .search .msn .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
51ip-54-36-148-245 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
5210 .157 .244 .207 .wowrack .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
53ip-54-36-149-2 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
54ip-54-36-149-96 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
555 .168 .137 .88»1 (1.14%)Filter
56crawl8 .bl .semrush .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
57ip-54-36-148-124 .a .ahrefs .com»1 (1.14%)Filter
58178-154-200-85 .spider .yandex .com»1 (1.14%)Filter

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