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PHPCounter Information Page

Welcome to the PHPCounter Information Page. This page is designed to help in troubleshooting your installation of PHPCounter. I will probably ask you for the URL of this page if you ask for help.

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Using PHPCounter

To use PHPCounter, put the following code inside your PHP pages where you want the count to appear:

require "/web/htdocs/www.manoweb.com/home/counter/phpcounter.php";

Dawn and Epoch

Dawn of current epoch was: 16-May-24

Current epoch will end: 23-May-24


DEBUG = false

OutputCountText = TRUE
OutputCountTextPlugin = "output-text.php"

OutputCountImage = FALSE
ImagesURL = "/phpc7.1/images/corsiva/"
OutputCountImageExtension = "png"
OutputCountImagePlugin = "output-image.php"

KeepCountWhenChangingEpochs = TRUE

TrackRecentHits = true
TimeDifference = 5

EpochLength = 604870

TimeZoneDifferenceFromServer = 0

StartCounterAt = 0


For PHPCounter to work, some files and directories need to have the correct permissions. On most servers, the correct permissions are 777, but on some servers, PHPCounter may work with 666. Below are the current settings. If PHPCounter is not working and the permissions are not 777, try changing them to 777 using CHMOD. For more information about permissions, see the PHPCounter FAQ page.

Permissions of dawn.txt: 0755

Permissions of /locks: 0777

Permissions of /globals: 0777

Permissions of /counts: 0777

End of PHPCounter information.