eKstreme.com PHPCounter VII

PHPCounter Testing Page

This page is configured to work in all cases if you have correctly set up PHPCounter. If the counter on this page is not working, then you did not set up PHPCounter correctly.

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If you configured PHPCounter to output the count (either as text or as images), then it should be visible below.

The count should be below...

You are visitor number 1.6280193859357E+249 since 12 Jul 24.

The count should be above.

Currently Online

The number of users currently online is 1.

Total Visitors

The total number of visitors in the current epoch is 465.


This page should work if you have correctly configured PHPCounter. If the counter on this page is working, but you cannot get it to work on your other pages, then you need to check how you are calling PHPCounter. This is detailed in the help file.