How to build a simple but cool IR (Infra Red) receiver.


This circuitry allows you to control your computer with a simple remote, like the one you already use for your TV-set. It's very useful when you want to control a DVD or an mp3 player without having to stay at the keyboard. Please note that this circuit is NOT IrDA compatible and it won't help you to connect to your mobile phone or whatever IrDA device; it's only good to control your pc with a standard remote control. I use it for VDR and now my pc is a full featured set top box connected to the television, capable to digitally record and replay satellite television, DVDs and every kind of digital content (mp3, divx). There are many softwares you can install to control this ciruit; for Linux you can use Lirc and for Windows you can use either Winlirc, Girder, IR Assistant or uIRC.
[-] The website has been 'offline' for a while due some changes on the server... now it has been restored. As I have relocated, changed job, married, and soon will have a baby, I am not currently building and selling devices.
[-] This is the third version of this website. Much time has passed since the first version, and I hope you will like the new "skin" of the website. The original reason I wrote this guide was to document and keep track of a cool way to build this circuit directly inside a serial connector.

The process of building some IR receivers

[-] These are the "ingredients" needed to build the receiver. We will now analyze them in detail, both the instruments and the components.

A general view of the instruments and components needed to build the receivers